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Foster Issue #2

Convention Special Edition

Signed and individually numbered
(Limited To 500 Copies)

26 Pages // Full Color // Release date: 02-22-2012


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  • Created by Brian Buccellato
  • Written and Colored by Brian Buccellato
  • Art by Noel Tuazon
  • Letters by Troy Peteri
  • Cover by Mike Henderson


FOSTER, a haunted war veteran trying to forget the world at the bottom of a bottle, becomes the guardian of a 6 YEAR-OLD BOY who is the offspring of a woman and a PRIMAL RACE OF SUPERNATURAL CREATURES that lurk on the fringes of society and need him to repopulate. In a world where technology is stuck in the analog ’70s and danger lurks around every corner, three rival factions want the half-breed child. Now Foster must navigate the shadow world, twisted scientists and his own past in order to keep the boy safe while winning his trust, nurturing his humanity, and trying to prevent him from giving in to the monster within.


Long before humankind, a species of supernatural creatures called DWELLERS dominated the earth. Part missing link, part creature-feature, they had insatiable appetites for food, sexual conquest and violence. Because of this, Dwellers could only form crude societies that warred constantly – almost to the point of extinction.

When mankind sprouted and formed civilizations, the dwellers moved into the shadows. Existing on the fringes of human society and quenching their appetites with humans, they became the stuff of legend. Every werewolf, vampire, or boogeyman tale had its roots in these living monsters.

FOSTER is set against the backdrop of late 60′s-early 70′s crime movies, in a nameless metropolis called VINTAGE CITY… It’s an asphalt jungle. New York, LA, and San Francisco all rolled into one — but not their modern incarnations. This is Gotham of forty years ago. Stuck in time… before internet, Starbucks and cell phones. A gritty, low-tech world. Grey skyscrapers. Diners. Yellow cabs. Working stiffs scurrying out of the streetcars in fitted suits and porkpie hats. It’s a Technicolor world that Harry Callahan, Popeye Doyle and Doc McCoy would call home.

But it’s also home to the Dwellers – monsters that creep in the shadows and feed upon unsuspecting humans that don’t know they exist.