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Foster Issue #5

Convention Special Edition

Signed and individually numbered
(Limited To 500 Copies)

30 Pages // Full Color // Release date: 10-20-2012

Sorry, Pals… No Free Sketches with this Issue

You know that I would continue doing them for free if I could, but the amount of time, effort and marker ink it takes me to do the hundreds of sketches, makes it impossible for me to continue to do them as a FREE BONUS with every issues. S0… sketches on the back are an additional $10.

Bur fear not for those of you that have Sketch Covers for #1 and #2… THOSE are still freebies, no matter when or where you find me.

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  • $10.00+S&H
  • Convention Edition

Sold Out
  • $20.00+S&H*

During checkout, add a note letting me know which character you want sketched on the back.

*Shipping restricted to US and Canada. Want to buy outside of US or CANADA? Contact me for shipping quote.

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  • $1.99
  • Created by Brian Buccellato
  • Written and Colored by Brian Buccellato
  • Art by Noel Tuazon
  • Letters by Troy Peteri
  • Cover by Mike Henderson & Brian Buccellato


FOSTER, a haunted war veteran trying to forget the world at the bottom of a bottle, becomes the guardian of a 6 YEAR-OLD BOY who is the offspring of a woman and a PRIMAL RACE OF SUPERNATURAL CREATURES that lurk on the fringes of society and need him to repopulate. In a world where technology is stuck in the analog ’70s and danger lurks around every corner, three rival factions want the half-breed child. Now Foster must navigate the shadow world, twisted scientists and his own past in order to keep the boy safe while winning his trust, nurturing his humanity, and trying to prevent him from giving in to the monster within.