• May 19, 2012

Hey folks,

It seems there are a few of you out there that would like to get one of these ridiculous Booch-face T-shirts.


After costing them out, the price is gonna be in the neighborhood of $15-20 each (plus shipping -unless you can meet me in LA). I’m only gonna make them to order, SO if you are serious about getting one, leave a message on THIS thread or on the thread on my Facebook page… along with your shirt size (and whether you want a unisex or girls Tee). That way I can tally up how many and see what kind of price I can get to have them made. Hopefully if there are enough orders, I can get the price down.

So there you go… I am officially offering T-shirts with my face on them. To (sort-of) quote my good pal (in life and Facebook) Chaz Riggs… “I’m so vain, I probably think this shirt is about me.”